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Andreas Brill

September 2019

My wife and I had wonderful three weeks at Gratitude Vietnam.  It is a truly unique and wonderful retreat venue located on a calm island with healthy distance to the vibrant city center of Hoi An.  We feel so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to experience yoga and singing bowl meditation in such a beautifully place.  The rooms of the villa were spectacular, more than anything we expected. Naomi and Hannah are not only great hosts, but also very kind, loving and selfless personalities. We will be forever grateful for their guidance in love and light.  After three weeks we leave Gratitude Vietnam not only with a deeper knowledge on yoga, singing bowls, reiki and mindfulness but also a whole new perspective on life itself.  Anyone who wishes to experience a wonderful yoga and meditation retreat should definitely book this.  It is a truly transforming experience.

RJ Noble

Retreat Leader and Singing Bowl Master - August/September 2019

Beautifully presented in every way, peaceful, relaxing and very comfotable, every room tastefully decorated. Meals times a joy with such delicous healthy food served on the first floor dinning area or by the poolside at lunch times.

As a retreat leader I was so well treated and looked after in every way as well as my participants by the owners Naomi and Hannah so professional run, I loved every minute and thank them both for such a fabulous experience all served with love.

The Sound Healing is first class as well as all other treatment.

I would recommend Gratitude Vietnam to anyone wants a peaceful retreat as well the perfect place to run training workshops and sessions.

Thank you Naomi & Hannah
Love & Blessings
Rj Noble

Kristina Engelstone

3 night stay - September 2019

Hannah and Naomi have created a beautiful sanctuary for yoga, meditation and mindful living. Their space is in a perfect location in Hoi An and they welcomed me into their home like I was family. The detail they have put into each room is enchanting and the meditation room is preserved Vietnamese architecture.

There is opportunity for yoga retreats, reiki, sound healing and meditation. There is also a meditation labyrinth in the garden. They have a retreat coming up at the end of December and they have a vast amount of knowledge to share. The yoga sala is nice and open, I loved practicing there.

The food is home-cooked and delicious. Everything local and vegetarian. Hannah is an amazing cook!!!

I am so grateful I got to stay at this beautiful center and experience the grounding energy created by two empowering women with a vision to spread their love and light. I highly recommend staying here and learning. You will be so glad you came here !!!!

David Haigh

3 week stay - August 2019

Gratitude Vietnam was a home for me when I found myself so far from one.

Initially what drew me in was the incredible labyrinth beautifully positioned next to the yoga sala. My intention was to walk the labyrinth one afternoon, find some clarity and head back to normal life in Danang. Instead, I found a family.

Naomi Rowan and Hannah Rogers immediately welcomed me in, made us coffee and we started chatting. The conversation led to them sharing that they needed someone to help with events, and me sharing I was looking for a change. So 3 days later I moved into Gratitude Vietnam.

My 3 or so weeks there were blissful, regenerating and the perfect setting from which to engage an inner dialogue and contemplate matters close to the heart. The energy is loving - these two ladies have poured their heart and soul into creating an authentic space for healing and relaxation. I participated in the various activities on offer from yoga to singing workshops, all of which gave me the clarity, confidence, and insight I needed.

Thank you to all those who contributed to what can only be described as my 'serendipitous recentring'.

I spent three nights at Gratitude Vietnam on their Mindful mini-break. The liaison with Naomi before the retreat was professional and informative. I knew what to expect, what to prepare, and the full schedule.

They offer airport pick-up in Da Nang, or pick-up in Hoi An wherever you're staying. I'm living locally, so I chose to drive there myself. I arrived with no issues and was greeted by a smiling Hannah.

I will add that this was a 1:1 retreat so all activities were tailored to me. Every morning at 6.30am, I took a 75-minute yoga session in their brand-new outdoor shala. Beforehand I was asked my yoga level, and each class was tailored to my needs and level.

Each day Hannah prepared a fantastic breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and dessert. Every single thing I ate blew my mind. She is an incredible chef. I'm talking gluten-free, refined sugar-free brownies, peanut butter, red pepper hummus, lentil bites, quinoa salad, broccoli stem salad, potato crust quiche, buffalo cauliflower tacos, overnight oats, chia seed puddings, chickpea coconut curry. Everything is homemade and sourced locally.

After breakfast, Naomi and I met to discuss my goals and ascertain what values underpinned them. Naomi weaved a lot of clever techniques into our discussions to help me draw out my true values. We discussed work, relationships, leisure, and personal development.

By the end of the weekend, I had made tremendous progress. I was no longer waking up anxious, and I'd admitted some things to myself that I had been holding onto for a long time. I was able to accept and let go. The entire weekend was truly transformational.

Each afternoon we played by ear depending on how I was feeling, sometimes we continued our discussions. Other times we had a reiki session, a swim in the pool, or a sound bowling healing. The schedule was entirely up to me and my energy levels. The evenings consisted of a delicious dinner, followed by a meditation session which was tailored to how I was feeling.

The facilities are brand-new and absolutely stunning. The rooms are tastefully decorated with lots of small details. A sweet note was left on my bed, welcoming me to the retreat.

I would highly recommend attending a retreat at Gratitude Vietnam. Naomi and Hannah are so welcoming, kind, caring, and create a safe and nourishing environment to grow as a person.

Mindful mini-break retreat - July '19

Melissa Collins

"I had the pleasure of joining Naomi, Hannah and Cat for a workshop this evening and thoroughly enjoyed not only their beautiful presence and energy. But the tranquil luxurious villa where we painted, had one of the most delicious healthy home cooked meals and relaxing sound bowl meditation which followed dinner. The retreat space in which they built is a must see in Hoi An and I'm looking forward to joining future retreats held here. :)))"

Doodle, Eat and Ground - July '19

Kim Le Sambolec

"An amazing, peaceful place. Great owners and a perfect way to relax"

Sound bowl healing group meditation - July '19

Cat McGinn

I booked a soundhealing session with the wonderful Naomi. The place itself is 100% zen, as soon as you walk through the gates you start to wind down. The girls too are super lovely. Naomi took so much time to get to know me and answer all my questions beforehand. I felt 100% comfortable and was able to dive deep during the soundhealing. A wonderful expierence I wish to repeat one day.

Sound bowl healing 1:1 - July '19

Elena Scacchi

Relax and unburden oneself from externalities and re-focus on the self in a beautiful, empowering environment and self-affirming surroundings.

Sound bowl meditation - June '19

Martin-Sean Horrigan

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