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Naomi Rowan

Retreat Facilitator - Reiki Grand Master Teacher - Sound Bowl Master


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Carol Lorac


"Naomi is the bomb: gentle, genuinely caring and sincere, unhurried, loving and all that you could want for when receiving a Reiki treatment. 

She and Hannah have created the most beautiful retreat centre in a very tranquil setting.   It's well worth making a trip to them during a stay in Hoi An - thank you." 

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Ilke Aldemir

Sound bowl & Reiki

"I tried a combination of sound bowl and Reiki treatment which were both new to me and was amazed by the result.  As I have back problems, I suffer from tenseness and pain in my neck, shoulders and back. 


The treatment relieved a lot of pain in those areas and gave me a very relaxed feeling."

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Marzia Glisenti


"Once you come to Gratitude, you’ll never want to leave! Hannah and Naomi are two beautiful souls who put all their kindness and talent into making your holiday meaningful and memorable.

The location is ideal, 5 star service, lovely decor, amazing food, best reiki I’ve ever had."

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Danielle Cleak


Naomi runs thoughtful and insightful workshops. Her approach is subtle and always gentle, allowing you to determine your own boundaries and I found at the end I had come much further than I thought or anticipated at the beginning.


She also provides constructive tools to take away to everyday life after the retreat.

 I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone considering a retreat in Vietnam.

About Naomi

Reiki Lineage

Dr. Mikao Usui

Dr. C. Hayashi

Mrs. Hawayo Takata

Phyllis Lei Furumoto

Dr. Adolfo

Mrs. Rashmi Solanki

Ravi Hooja

Pervin S. Clasper

Naomi Rowan

Everything is energy, everything is vibration.  

Formally a music teacher and pastoral leader of 12 years, my ‘previous’ life was focused on bringing young people into alignment with themselves. I helped children and young adults develop their confidence, nurture self-worth and find their creative energies, so often quashed by the need to achieve and succeed.


Having taken a leap of faith and left a stable career to pursue a lifetime passion for mindfulness, meditation and energetic healing, I am now a Reiki Master/Teacher, Sound Bowl practitioner and retreat leader, and fortunate to be in a position to combine the tools and experience of the teaching profession with my core beliefs and practices. 

A ‘trauma’ geek (and trauma aware), I am driven by the concept of the body-mind connection, whether neuroscientific, energetic, physiological or psychological. I believe that modern science is only now beginning scratch the surface of ancient wisdom; being aware of our thoughts, bodily sensations, intuition, actions and reactions enables us to retrain our habitual patterns into a life of gratitude, love and compassion – towards self and other.

Through my own journey, I have explored various practices and found many tools along the way that make individual empowerment possible.  All of our retreats are carefully planned and tailored to give you a gentle, powerful journey of self, and time to explore how you can embed these tools into your daily life, once you leave the safe bubble of ‘time out’.

I look forward to welcoming you for a gentle, present and healing session here at Gratitude Vietnam.​

I also offer a range of 1:1 in-person sessions, distance Reiki and online workshops:

Reiki/Distance Reiki

Sound bowl healing


Inner Child workshops

Mindfulness workshops

Chakra workshops

Reiki Training Retreats

Please feel free to contact me for a chat before booking!

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