Usui Shiki Ryoho - Reiki courses


Reiki 1: training and retreat

3-7 March 2020

25-29 June 2020

22-26 October 2020


(5 days, 4 nights) from $539


Be immersed in not only the knowledge of Reiki, but Reiki as a way of life. With a thorough introduction into the history, practice and energetic understanding of this powerful healing technique, you‘ll gain the insight and awareness to continue a gentle self-practice.

IARP Accredited

Reiki 2: training and retreat


4-8 August 2020

13-17 October 2020


(5 days, 4 nights) from $539

During this Reiki 2 training, you’ll deepen your awareness, knowledge and practice of reiki. Through a compassionate and insightful series of teachings and reiki symbols, you’ll gain greater insight into your own self-practice, and also learn the hand positions and practical applications for reiki on others.

IARP Accredited

Reiki 3: Training and Retreat

4-8 June 2020

12-16 November 2020


(5 days, 4 nights) from $539

Deepen your practice of reiki and become a Reiki Master. This two day intensive training is the final step before undertaking Reiki Teacher training.

IARP Accredited