Yoga and Meditation Retreats

2, 4 or 7 Night Mini-Yoga and Meditation Retreat


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2 nights from $239

4 nights from $479

7 nights from $699

Press pause on your life, take time for yourself and realign mind, body and soul through daily yoga and meditation.  Deepen your yoga practice with a daily class tailored to the preferences of the group.  Enhance your restorative journey with 1:1 singing bowl healing or Reiki sessions tailored to your needs.  Delight in nutritious farm-to-table meals prepared especially for you.  Rest, relax and rejuvenate in the beautiful and peaceful oasis of Gratitude Vietnam.

Discover True North 

Mini-Retreat​ 2020

14-17 August

5-8 November

(3 nights) from $349

Feeling stuck and stagnant?  Take time to explore your true values, restore your being and discover tools to enhance gratitude and joy.  Find direction and bring immediate change into your life! 

Relax and Recharge Mini-Retreat​ 2020

4-7 July

4-7 September

10-13 December

(3 nights) from $349


Escape the relentless pressure of daily life. Treat yourself or a loved one to a relaxing, centring and recharging weekend of restorative and Yin yoga, workshops, sound healing meditation and mindful awareness.

Gratitude Vietnam

Retreat Centre,

Lane 486

Nguyen Tri Phuong,

Cam Nam,

Hoi An,


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