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Gratitude Vietnam retreat venue, yoga retreat, reiki training, meditation retreat and private villa Hoi An

Alternative New Year Retreat

reflect, release, manifest, renew

(6 nights, 7 days)

About the retreat

Looking to unwind after Christmas, avoid the crazy parties and welcome in the New Year with a clear head and like-minded people?  Feeling a little stuck and wanting direction in place of arbitrary (and unachievable!) resolutions?  We are often so busy that we do not have time to stand still and work out what we really want.  Make 2022 the year to address these unmet needs - give yourself the gift of change and time for transformation.

The new year is a powerful time to reflect on the past and set intentions for the year ahead.  Kickstart 2022 with mind, body and soul in alignment. 


Give yourself 7 days to explore focused workshops, daily yoga, meditation, reflective writing and deliciously healthy food.  We offer you time, space and compassionate support to take a step back and evaluate ways in which you can immediately make change to bring your values and lifestyle into alignment.

Bring gratitude as an action into your life, for all that is, has been and is yet to be.  Enjoy a grounding ceremonial puja to release the things that no longer serve and make room for more joy, laughter, compassion, love and awareness.

The workshops

We’ve designed the workshops to allow for deep self-reflection, mindful awareness and transformational change.  Reflect on the relationships in your life - with yourself and others - how you spend your time, your internal thought processes and belief systems.  Leave with direction and clarity on achievable changes you can make immediately to improve your quality of life for the years to come.  Learn to make decisions made from the heart with retreat facilitator, Naomi Rowan.


Workshops will include

*Journalling and reflective writing

*Mindful creative activities

*Reflective activities to review your own life and ways in which you can incorporate mindfulness into a busy schedule

*Being ‘in the body’ – mindful awareness of intuition, felt sense and bodily sensations

*Awareness of thought and self-compassion

*Manifesting in multicolour!

*Finding your true North

When you arrive, we’ll present you with a beautiful booklet to guide your journey, not only during the retreat, but for when you transition back into your daily life.

Daily meditations 

We’ll explore different meditations, including:​

*Sound bath meditation with beautiful Tibetan Singing Bowls

*Yoga Nidra

*Inner Child meditation

*Affirmation meditation

*Loving kindness meditation

*Guided imagery and music meditation



Every day, you’ll practice a gentle combination of Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga.


All sessions will take place in our stunning open-air yoga sala.

The programme


The programme incorporates daily workshops, daily yoga and regular meditations - all designed to allow you time for introspection, reflection and connection with your true self.


See the full programme outline here!

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