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Gratitude Vietnam retreat venue, yoga retreat, reiki training, meditation retreat and private villa Hoi An

Reiki 1 training and retreat

IARP accredited - Traditional USUI Reiki

(3 nights)

About the retreat and training

Immerse yourself with reiki as a way a life. With a thorough introduction into the history, practice and energetic understanding of this powerful healing technique, you’ll gain the insight and awareness to continue a gentle self-practice though a carefully designed series of hands-on experiential workshops.  

Teacher and Master of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Naomi will guide you through this transformative and awakening practice.


Discover ways in which you can incorporate the pillars of reiki into your daily routine, in order to live a more mindfully present, aware, loving and compassionate life.  

In keeping with the teachings of Dr. Usui, we do not combine Reiki 1 and Reiki 2.  We believe that the 21-day self practice following each level of reiki training is vitally important to open and balance your chakras and energetic being, before practicing on others.  

A typical day will include meditation, discussion, time for self-reflection and a 'taught' element.  The programme is preplanned, however it will be tailored to the group, so timings of the days may vary.  

The Workshops

The workshops are carefully designed to allow each of the pillars and principles of Reiki to be explored from a personal perspective and allow for deep reflection, healing and transformative change.  

The history and training elements of the Reiki 1 are intertwined with these workshops.

Unlike other 1 day trainings, this retreat allows the time, space and support to begin this beautiful, deep and compassionate healing journey to self as an embodied practice.  You will have the opportunity to explore your energetic being and felt sense of the Reiki energy, as well as complete a full self-practice before embarking on your own 21-day healing journey.  

The 21-day self-practice is a vital element following each Degree of Reiki Training as you work through your own energetic blockages.  Cleansing and removing your own energetic being clears the meridians to enhance your channeling of Reiki for healing others.

When you arrive, we’ll present you with a beautiful booklet to guide your journey, not only during the retreat and training, but for when you transition back into your daily life.


During this retreat, you'll enjoy a variety of meditations and visualisations at appropriate moments in the workshops to truly feel into the topic being addressed.


Meditations are tailored to the group, and may include:

*Sound Bowl meditation journey

*Golden-light meditation

*Gratitude meditation

*Gassho Mudra meditation

*Walking labyrinth meditation

*Loving kindness meditation

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