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Gratitude Vietnam retreat venue, yoga retreat, reiki training, meditation retreat and private villa Hoi An

Discover True North

conscious presence, intuition, transformation

(3 nights)

About the retreat

Press pause on your busy life, step out of ‘auto-pilot’ and join us for an immersive and gentle weekend of reflection, self-enquiry and living in mindful awareness


Through guided workshops, yoga and meditation, discover the benefits of ‘being present’ in mind, body and spirit.  Learn techniques to retrain your thoughts, release limiting beliefs, tune in to your intuition and make conscious choices for transformational change.  Gain tools to reduce anxiety, stress and indecision, and cultivate a rewarding, fulfilling and joyful approach to life.

Each day will start with mindful yoga, focused on bringing awareness and harmony to the body-mind connection.


This morning activity will anchor you into your breath, setting a gentle, self-compassionate tone for the day.

The workshops

We’ve designed the workshops to transform your life through exploration of empowering tools you can easily take away and use at home.  Through mindful, conscious and focused activities, you’ll leave with direction, clarity and greater self-awareness.


All workshops and evening meditations will be guided by retreat facilitator Naomi Rowan


Workshops will include

*Values and Beliefs: Grounding, tuning-in and removing obstacles

*Healing the past:  Gratitude, relationships, self love and compassion

*Conscious and transformational change: Intuition, manifesting, decision making and moving forwards

When you arrive, we’ll present you with a beautiful booklet to guide your journey, not only during the retreat, but for when you transition back into your life.



Every day, you’ll practice a gentle combination of Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga.


All sessions will take place in our stunning open-air yoga sala.



During this retreat, you'll enjoy a variety of meditations - some as longer and individual sessions, others at appropriate moments in a workshop to truly feel into the topic being addressed


Meditations are tailored to the group, and may include:

*Sound Bowl meditation journey

*Inner-Child meditation

*Guided Imagery and Music meditation

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