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Gratitude Vietnam retreat venue, yoga retreat, reiki training, meditation retreat and private villa Hoi An

Sound bowl mastery and level 1 training

with Rj Noble - Sweeping Sounds

(4 nights)

About the retreat and training

A natural carer with 30 years’ experience in healing arts and a wealth of master certifications, Ramjai known as Rj, is passionate about helping people from all walks of life.

Working intuitively with the elements of earth and wind, he combines sound vibrations and sweeping movements with grounded loving energy and deep compassion to offer healing for the body, as well as environments.

Every sound is a vibration and every living cell responds directly to vibration. Singing bowls produce sounds that evoke a deep state of relaxation and restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the mind, body and soul.

Join Rj in a hands-on experiential weekend training-retreat. Learn to master the techniques required to truly play a sound bowl and make it sing, then apply these techniques to the beautifully gentle, yet powerful practice of sound bowl healing.

The programme

3rd September - Introduction and Meditation


Arrive from 2pm, and ground in the beautiful Gratitude Vietnam villa. Meet your fellow-retreaters and sound bowl masters to be at a welcome introduction followed by dinner.


After dinner, enjoy a soothing dual sound bowl meditation journey with Rj and Naomi in the stunning meditation space.

Day 1: History and Sound Bowl Techniques


Learn about the history of Tibetan singing bowls, their manufacture, the tools used to play them and the healing benefits of sound meditation.

In a hands-on day of guided experimentation, gain familiarity and mastery of the various techniques used to create healing vibrations on the bowls.

Day 2: Four Bowl Energetic Balancing


Following a question and answer session, you will have the opportunity to refine the playing techniques gained on day 2. Today you will also learn about the importance of sound in bringing balance to emotional and physical issues, and how sound healing can be utilised to retrain cellular memory.

You will master the correct alignment of bowls for healing and become proficient in the four bowl balancing techniques and patterns, utilised in 1:1 balancing healing sessions. You will also gain a basic grounding in energetic feng shui.

Day 3: Seven Bowl Healing


Following a second question and answer session, this morning will focus on practising the four bowl balancing healing technique. You will then extend your awareness of the importance and powerfully curative properties of sound healing.

The afternoon will be spent in advancing your skills to the seven bowl healing pattern with time to practice the application of this new technique.

End this wonderful weekend training-retreat with a closing discussion before receiving your certificate and enjoying a final sound bowl meditation journey.

Day 4: Breakfast and Depart


Enjoy a delicious breakfast before checking out any time until 12pm.

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