Sound bowl healing


Sound Bowl Mastery and Level 1 Training


29th August - 2nd September


(4 Nights)

Every sound is a vibration and every living cell responds directly to vibration. Singing bowls produce sounds that evoke a deep state of relaxation and restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the mind, body and soul.

Join Rj Noble in a hands-on experiential weekend training-retreat. Learn to master the techniques required to truly play a sound bowl and make it sing, then apply these techniques to the beautifully gentle, yet powerful practice of sound bowl healing.


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Sound Bowl Body Massage Training: Level 2 (Advanced)


3rd-6th September


(3 Nights)


Working intuitively with the elements of earth and wind, Rj Noble combines sound vibrations and sweeping movements with grounded loving energy and deep compassion to offer healing for the body, as well as environments.


Join Rj Noble in hands-on experiential training, and gain Level 2 (Advanced) certification in sound bowl body massage.


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