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Self-isolation with a mindful community, 'Gratitude, Love and Compassion - an online retreat.'

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Dear Friends,

We hope you, your family, friends and community are finding strength, connection and support during these difficult times - our love and thoughts are with you all.

Whilst the Vietnamese government have been incredible, and the situation here Vietnam is contained and calm, travel restrictions have been heavily imposed. If you are still thinking of travelling in the coming weeks, please do check the latest updates and your own government advice before stepping onto a plane.

In unprecedented times like these, it becomes increasingly necessary to find ways to tap into our inner resources, and offer self-care, love and compassion whilst loving, respecting, supporting and nurturing others.

As many of our guests are now unable to attend their planned retreats in person, and self-isolation is becoming a global necessity, we are offering an online retreat, accessible anywhere in the world. This retreat is designed to offer a community of like-minded people alongside mindfulness and meditation tools to reduce stress, anxiety and fear from the comfort of your own home.

With a series of workshops, 1:1 sessions, meditations, group distance Reiki healing, and an online retreat community, we would like to offer tools to support you during this challenging time.

If you would like to join us or know others who may, we would love to welcome you into this virtual hug!

For more details - please follow and share this link:

As a small offering of gratitude to those of you who have shown so much support in this venture in so many ways, we would like to extend a 50% discount to all of our blog followers for dates in March and April.

In other news!

To lighten a little, I'd like to share a quick anecdote that epitomises the beautiful community here in Hoi An!

Last week, one of our bikes ended up stranded in the Old Town (locked with a lost key!), so I popped in on the electric scooter with some rope to bring it back. In a country where a full-size fridge-freezer or washing machine is delivered on the back of a motorbike, this is a very normal thing to do!

Having collected the bike without incident, Hannah greeted me with, "You'll never guess what? I've got a video of you taking the bike!"...

My irrational mind instantly made up the story that someone had filmed me 'stealing' the bike on the street and posted it on Facebook with a 'WANTED' post! (We create these stories all the time - check out Brené Brown!)

What actually happened, was that Mr. Vu of Same Same but Better transport (who regularly ferries our lovely retreatees to and from the airport) happened to be following me. He captured the moment and sent it to Hannah with the message "Is this you?".

She explained the situation and his lovely response was, "Next time you tell me and I will bring it. Safer for her!" The Vietnamese people really are the most incredible community of 'other over self' and this is just a beautiful example (with a slightly comic video!).

Poppet also had us laughing out loud as we fed her this week! Both Poppet and Bobo are pretty disgusted by the dry food we keep giving them, and much prefer to eat with the neighbours or scavenge for bones.

On this occasion, Poppet, (who is now recovering well from her snake bite and skin infection) decided she would save it for later... and very carefully used her nose to bury her bowl in sand!

It wasn't me!

We truly are all in this together and if we can be of support in any small way, please reach out and let us know.

With gratitude and love always,

"Vulnerability is the center of shame, scarcity, fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, but it is also the birthplace of love, belonging, and joy." – Brené Brown
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