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Gratitude, Love and Compassion

tap into your inner resources to find the light in the dark

16th - 22nd January

13th - 19th February

Morning Asia


Evening West Coast America / Canada

Image by Daniel Olah

25th - 31st January

22nd - 28th February

USA  / Canada

Europe / Africa / India

Late Night Asia


More dates and retreats coming soon!

$199 - Retreat at home

About the retreat

This retreat is designed to offer a community of like-minded people alongside mindfulness and meditation tools to reduce stress, anxiety and fear from the comfort of your own home. 


The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting each and every one of us in different ways.  Whether experiencing fear, worry, concern and anxiety, financial stress, or isolation due to quarantine, it is possible to find moments of peace and joy with self-love and compassion. 


With a series of workshops, 1:1 sessions, meditations, group distance Reiki healing, and an online retreat community, we would like to offer tools to support you during this challenging time.

Whilst nothing quite replaces in-person contact, this 'virtual' environment aims to offer connection and community through live and interactive groups.  All 1:1s and workshops will be with retreat leader, sound healer and reiki master, Naomi Rowan.

The workshops

Gratitude as a Practice


Did you know that neuroscientists have proven that a practice of gratitude actually makes you a happier person?  It is impossible to experience fear or anxiety and gratitude at the same time.


Take stock of where you are right now, and the many things you have that bring you joy.  In this workshop we’ll explore gratitude as a practice and how this differs from an ‘attitude of gratitude’.  

Gratitude can be felt, experienced and practiced for all situations, relationships and circumstances. Not only can this be deeply healing and validating on a personal level, but taking the time to offer gratitude to others also opens avenues to share joy and forge deeper connections.

Tuning into the Feeling Self


In difficult or stressful situations, we often fall into ingrained responses of suppressing our feelings and ignoring or denying  them, or inadvertently take them out on others, whether through irritation, passive-aggressive behaviours, irrationality, anger or unexpected explosions.  There is no judgement of any of these - they are all normal reactions as we are creatures of habit and learning, and we all process our emotions in ways that enable us to feel safe.


Bringing mindful awareness to the present allows us to notice emotions, reactions and responses in the moment of them being there.  Feeling into, acknowledging and accepting our emotional responses can help them to dissipate and lose their charge or control over us.  It also allows choice in regulating, allowing and releasing our feelings during challenging moments in a way that is not overwhelming, and allows us to be with our emotions without them building internal pressure or driving our behaviours and responses.

Self Love & Self Care


Our internal dialogue is often driven by a critical, self depreciating voice, especially when experiencing high levels of challenge in the everyday. 

As you learn to listen to yourself as your own best-friend, not worst-enemy, accept and embrace imperfection, respond to yourself with true empathy not sympathy or criticism, it is possible to find gentle balance, self-love, healing and peace. 

Self-love is not narcissistic, it is necessary. Self-compassion is not feeling sorry for yourself, it is acceptance.  Self-confidence is not egotistical, it is empowerment.

Self Compassion


Whilst in many languages, the word 'compassion' relates directly to other, it is possible to offer empathy and understanding to yourself - 'self compassion'.  


When under stress, we sometimes react in unexpected or habitual ways.  With self-awareness, understanding and self-compassion, it becomes easier to bring about change in how we see ourselves, and compassion for the ways in which we react.  With awareness comes self-empowerment as it becomes possible to alter our perspective, find self-worth and engage with the world from a place of compassion, not fear.

Workshops will take place on Zoom.



Alongside the workshops, you will receive four 1 hour meditations to download, use and keep: 


*Gratitude Meditation

*Guided Imagery and Music Meditation - finding a safe space within

*Sound healing meditation

*Guided walking meditation (for within your living space) - slowing and grounding.

1:1 Sessions

In the lead up to the retreat, I look forward to meeting with you for a 45 minute chat to connect, find out where you at within yourself and intentions for the retreat.

After the retreat we will also meet for a 45 minute 1:1 closing session to evaluate and identify the tools that resonated with you and the ways in which you are able to integrate them into your daily life.



Before each workshop, you'll receive a beautiful PDF document to guide your journey and offer space for reflection.  The invitation is to print this as a working document, but if this is inaccessible, a journal or pen and paper is absolutely enough!



Upon booking - initial 45 minute 1:1

Day 1:

Gratitude as a Practice Workshop


Day 2:

Reflection / implementation / meditation

Day 3:

Tuning into the Feeling Self Workshop


Day 4:

1hr Group Distance Reiki Healing

Reflection / implementation / meditation

Day 5:

Self Love and Self Care Workshop


Day 6:

Reflection / implementation / meditation

Day 7:

Self Compassion Workshop


Within 2 weeks of the end of the retreat - 45 minute 1:1

What’s included

  • 2 x 45 minute 1:1 sessions (intention setting and closing)

  • 4 x live and interactive 2-hour online workshops

  • 4 x recorded downloadable meditations

  • 1 x 1 hour distance Reiki group healing

  • Workshop resources (pdf)

  • Access to the Gratitude, Love and Compassion facebook group (private to retreat participants)

  • Maximum group size 8 people

What you need

  • A stable and high-speed internet connection (broadband recommended)

  • Zoom desktop/android or apple App

  • Headphones with inbuilt microphone (USB headset recommended)

  • Webcam (or phone/tablet camera!)

  • Paper and pen  (ideally a printer, but not compulsory)

  • An open mind and heart

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