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Kittens, Workshops and Events in Hoi An

Dear Friends,

We've had an animal crazy few weeks with an unexpected kitten rescue followed by an additional three being dumped on the doorstep in a cardboard box!

Hannah found eight-week old Roo (short for Rooster) in a tiny cage, surrounded by chickens, black from his own upset stomach, skinny, scrawny and mewling!

In true style, the owner popped out with a big smile on her face, placed him into Hannah's arms, then ushered her away. A trip to the vet later (in a miniature rucksack), involved antibiotics, an injection for his tummy and de-worming. With a few days of love, cuddles and LOTS of food, Roo recovered and is now a healthy, purring bundle of joy.

Two weeks later, we were anonymously delivered a cardboard box of teeny four-five week old kittens (most likely half-siblings of Roooo!). A second trip to the vet and now another week on, two of these adorable little fir-balls have a loving home in the 'big city' of Danang, and the third (Bindi) has found himself the FINAL member of the Gratitude Animal family!

Fortunately, not only are Roo and Bindi now best friends, but Poppet and Bobo have taken to them beautifully, and love nothing better than to nuzzle and lick them when they least expect it! Dotty on the other hand is not so impressed!

The same week as Bindi arrived, Poppet had two unfortunate encounters - one with a snake, and the other still a mystery! This took the vet-visits to four in a week, and whilst fully recovered, she now has a stylishly shaved hind leg and an impressive scar.

Workshops and Events

In retreat news, we have an exciting series of workshops lined up for the next eight weeks. These are intended to compliment our rolling retreat programme, and also provide additional opportunities for the Hoi An community to enjoy our beautiful venue.

All workshops run from 10.30am-12.30pm and can be enjoyed as a stand-alone, or as a part of a course.

Tea, coffee and a delicious homemade cake or snack of the day are available at 12.30pm. (Feel free to bring your bathers and enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool before continuing with your day!)

For more information about events at Gratitude Vietnam, Hoi An, check out our newly revamped webpage:

Saturdays - An Introduction to:

Mindfulness has become a buzz word in the western world, but what is it, what’s the point of it and how can it be possible to find time to fit another practice into busy, chaotic lifestyles?

Find out what the buzz is about and discover how mindfulness can be integrated into your life in simple, easy and achievable ways! Join our 'Introduction to' series of workshops to explore tools, techniques and a brief overview of the science or principles behind a healing concept, modality or approach. An Introduction to:

1. Mindfulness (29/02/20) 2. Sound Healing (07/03/20) 3. The Chakras (14/03/20) 4. The Polyvagal Theory - the science of safety (21/03/20) 5. Loving Awareness & Living Gratitude (28/03/20) 6. Manifesting in Multicolour (04/04/20) 7. Affirmations (11/04/20)

Individual workshop: 400,000 VND

7-week course: 2,500,000 VND

Mondays - Healing the Past:

With any form of healing, self-compassion is paramount. Understanding that approximately 80% of our daily interactions in the world as an adult are implicit (habitual reactions based on patterns of behaviour developed through past experience) can help us to navigate the world with greater authenticity, self-compassion and self-love. This workshop will provide the space, time, guidance and support to reflect on and examine a pivotal ‘learning’ moment in your life. What did this teach you about yourself? How have you grown as a result? What do you need NOW to accept this as a part of your journey - forgiveness, love, self-compassion? How is it holding you back and what needs to happen in this moment to heal, gain perspective and release remaining ‘stuckness’? Join this workshop series to honour your resilience, courage and capacity, acknowledge your inner-strength, and mindfully bring into your awareness the ways in which this experience has shaped you. Gain tools to make conscious choices to shape your life moving forwards from a place of the now. Healing the Past: 1. The Past as a Teacher (24/02/20) 2. Be Here Now (02/03/20) 3. Tuning into the Feeling Self (09/03/20) 4. Connecting with your Inner Child (16/03/20) 5. Finding your Voice (23/03/20) 6. Wholehearted Living (30/03/20) 7. Conscious Choices for Transformational Change (06/04/20)

Individual workshop: 400,000 VND

7-week course: 2,500,000 VND

Fridays - Develop your Home Yoga Practice:

Do you love Yoga but not sure how to practice on your own? Do you want to learn some helpful practices to increase your health and well being that you can practice from wherever, whenever? Would you like to deepen your practice?

This course is designed to give you the tools you need to develop your Yoga practice, in your own time from wherever you are.

In this first workshop we will be focusing on warm-up and Sun Salutations. How to execute asanas with correct alignment, benefits, counter poses, contraindications, and how to develop the asanas to a more advanced level. Develop your Home Practice is designed as an 8 week course, to cover, at an in-depth level, the 8 sections of the Asana practice. 1. Warm-up & Sun Salutations (28/02/20) 2. Standing poses (06/03/20) 3. Balances (13/03/20) 4. Back bends (20/03/20) 5. Forward bends (27/03/20)) 6. Inversions (03/04/20) 7. Savasana (10/04/20) 8. Creating a Sequence (17/04/20)

Individual workshop: 350,000 VND

8 week course: 2,400,000 VND

Retreats and Practitioners

Our next blog will feature exciting revisions and additions, both to our offering of practitioners for retreat participants, but also to our retreat programme! Watch this space for more information...

Have a wonderful week ahead and travel fearlessly!

With gratitude and love,

and Dotty, Poppet, Bobo, Doodles, Roo & Bindi!

"Love endlessly, travel fearlessly, go beyond what you thought were your limits" - Llena Gwawr
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