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Live in gratitude to find moments of peace

Dear friends,

Did you know that it is impossible to experience gratitude and fear at the same time?

In this time of uncertainty, we would like to offer a couple of short, easy practises to bring in moments of gratitude. Both take just 60 seconds, and the invitation is there to bring them in as mindful moments to brighten your day and help to consciously battle anxiety within.

Gratitude Meditation and Reflection:

Stop to reflect on three things you are grateful for in this moment.⁠

Spend at least 60 seconds with these to allow your mind, body and energetic being to register them fully.⁠

In this moment, I am personally grateful for:⁠

1. A supportive and loving community and friends and family - both in Hoi An, and worldwide.⁠

2. Our furry family (Dotty, Poppet, Bobo, Doodles, Bindi and Roo), who are totally unaware of the global pandemic and continue to love unconditionally and live in the moment every day!⁠

3. The sunshine, a lovely home and Vietnam!⁠

What are the three things you are grateful for in this moment?⁠

Loving Awareness and Gratitude Meditation

⁠If you're with the global population and washing your hands many times a day, why not take this as an opportunity to mindfully thank your hands for all the things they enable you to do? Wash with loving awareness, care and attention.⁠

I love my hands as they allow me to offer reiki and sound healing, play musical instruments, write, draw, type, complete DIY tasks, paint, drive a car... the list is endless!⁠

Taking 60 seconds of gratitude brings momentary peace to mind, body and soul as our bodies release oxytocin, muscles relax and the mind stills. Remember, it's impossible to feel anxiety or fear and gratitude simultaneously.

Where else in your life can you bring gratitude into your life as a practice?

Our thoughts and love are with the global population as each and every one of us is affected by this pandemic in different ways.

With gratitude and love,

"Practising gratitude is how we acknowledge that there's enough and that we're enough" - Brené Brown⁠
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