Chakra healing retreat

awareness, awakening and balance

18 - 25 September

(7 nights)

About the retreat

This loving and compassionate retreat will take you on a personal heart-centred journey of transformation. 

Through focused workshops, meditations, daily yoga and a delicious menu designed around the chakra work, you’ll have the space, time and support to expand your self-awareness, evaluate blockages that cause stagnation, reenergise, and find ways to truly take charge of your direction.  

As you tune in to your intuitive, energetic felt sense and undertake a beautiful journey of mindful awareness, you’ll truly discover the real ‘you’ as well as ways to build this awareness into your daily life.

The workshops

The workshops are a key part of the retreat. They include creative writing, journalling, creative activities, group discussions, exploration of boundaries, sensory activities and mindful awareness.  

Workshops and evening meditations are facilitated by workshop host and healer, Naomi Rowan and will include:

Grounding and Safety

“An Introduction to the Polyvagal Theory, Tools to Calm and Ground the Nervous System”

Tuning into the feeling self

“Values and Beliefs: connecting, evaluating and removing obstacles”

Trusting Intuition

“Tuning into what you need and want - finding true North and making conscious decisions"

Loving Awareness & Living Gratitude

 “Self-love and compassion - becoming your own best friend, healing childhood wounds and relationships with others.  Gratitude as a practice, not an attitude!"

Finding your Voice

“Tools for safe expression - boundaries, needs and affirmations”

Be here now

"Finding purpose and direction, mindful awareness of thought, action and reaction in the moment"


Taking action

"Immediate and sustainable change for greater love, compassion, joy and peace in the every day."

When you arrive, we’ll present you with a beautiful booklet to guide your journey, not only during the retreat, but for when you transition back into your life.

Daily meditations 

We vary the mediations to suit each chakra.


They will include:


*Walking labyrinth meditation

*Sound bath meditation with beautiful Tibetan singing bowls

*Guided imagery and music meditation

*Loving Awareness, Compassion and Gratitude Meditation



We adapt the yoga to energise and balance each of the chakras, and so vary in style accordingly.


Sessions will take place  in our stunning open-air yoga sala.



With private ensuite accommodation in our eco-friendly retreat centre, you are promised you are promised nine days of relaxation, insight, healing and peace in which to reboot, re-centre and ground. 

Individual sound healing, Reiki session or guided imagery and music journey


During this retreat you are invited to attend a 1:1 sound healing, Reiki session or Guided Imagery and Music journey, with Naomi Rowan, tailored to your individual blockages or needs.



All your meals and soft drinks are included. We offer nutritious and delicious, farm-to-table vegetarian food with minimal processing and optimal flavour. 

For this retreat, we’ve designed the menu to compliment the chakras work. On the final day, as we explore the crown chakra, we offer an optional juice-fast. 

Just let us know of any dietary requirements in advance so we can adapt the menu accordingly. 

Planned excursions


Your stay will include several activities and excursions, giving you the opportunity to explore the local area, discover its history and experience authentic rural life:

  • Enjoy an evening of delicious Vietnamese cuisine and witness the iconic lanterns on the beautiful Thu Bon River

  • Relax on the renowned An Bang Beach 

  • Experience a tour of an organic permaculture farm and delicious Vietnamese cookery course and dinner

All excursions are private to our Chakra retreat participants.

What’s included

  • 7 nights’ accommodation

  • All food, soft drinks and snacks

  • All scheduled yoga classes, workshops, 1:1 sessions, meditation and planned excursions

  • Transfers to / from Danang International Airport

  • Welcome pack and retreat booklet

  • Pool / use of communal facilities

  • Use of bikes throughout your stay

  • Use of yoga mats, bolsters and props

  • Check in from 2pm on 18th September / Check out until 2pm on 25th September.

What's not included

  • Flight costs

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Additional 1:1 sessions or in-house massage

  • Additional excursions (not included above)

  • Visas

  • Health / Travel Insurance

  • Extra nights – you are welcome to extend your stay at an additional cost

  • Currency commission fee - contact us to make a bank transfer / price match 

Payment options


1. Payment Plan

25% (due: when booking)

25% (due: 19th March)

25% (due: 19th May)

25% (due: 19th July)


2. Deposit and payment


50% deposit

50% (due: 19th May)

Pay in two instalments to receive a $25 discount


3. Payment in full

Pay 100% upon booking to receive a $50 discount

new year retreat-1.JPG

Cancellation Policy

  • All payments are non-refundable.

  • For bookings made after 26th August, payment must be made in full (discount does not apply).

  • Any additional costs will require cash payment at the villa upon departure.

  • In the unlikely event we have to cancel the retreat for any reason, a full refund of payments made to us will be given (this does not include any additional expenses incurred for flights, travel or additional accommodation).

  • Please note, we are currently only taking bookings from those of you living in Vietnam, and will continue to review this as the travel situation evolves.