Hosted Retreats

Raise Your Vibration & Nourish Your Energy Retreat


Retreat Hosts:

Gillian Harrison

Victoria Nhan

17-21 February 2020

A mindful life is an amazing one, full of energy, opportunities and laughter. On this retreat, as we understand and bring awareness to our energetic systems, we will progress individually and collectively to create the best versions of ourselves within a well designed programme of activities, with experienced teachers and in a beautiful, natural environment. You will leave our safe haven as a vibrant energetic being excited about your life ahead.

Women's Wellness Retreat


Retreat Hosts:

Sriya Rao

Aneesha Rai

20-24 March 2020

More information coming soon!

Life Yoga Goulburn Retreat​

Retreat Host:

Mel Champion

20-27 April 2020

Our relaxation destination is the awe inspiring Hoi An in central Vietnam. This UNESCO listed old town and some of the best Vietnamese cuisine will inspire and relax you! Our retreat will include a traditional cooking class, motorbike adventure, walking tour of the old town and much more! This will be followed by a 2 night stay at Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa to really wind right down.

This will be a week you’ll never forget! Contact us to grab an info pack or secure your place with a deposit today!

Mythical Flow

Retreat Host:

Jill Amison

19-20 May 2020

My passion is helping people to transform self-doubt and fears into courage and unlock potential and inner radiance with myths, ritual and sacred practice.  I have been helping people to live their most radiant life since 2002 and I am super excited to be sharing the magic and transformative effects of yoga at Gratitude Vietnam for 10 days in May 2020.


During a yoga holiday we can fully immerse into these sacred practices that inspire reflection, insight and inspiration into our own life adventure.  As we co-create sacred space together, I will interweave Mythical stories though the traditional practices of asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra, meditation and relaxation that will fully integrate yogic practices & philosophy for modern yogi's.  I welcome you to join me on this OMazing Asian Yoga Adventure!

Flow, Restore, Explore

A yoga retreat for the senses


Retreat Host:

Aliya Sorgen

18-25 July 2020

Each day will include a meditation practice, which will be appropriate for any level – even if meditation is brand new to you! We will have twice daily yoga classes, in which the first will be a more dynamic (but by no means ‘power’!) class and the later afternoon workshops will allow us to delve deeper into specific topics, including luxurious restorative yoga sessions. Classes will be alignment-based, creative, relaxing, fun, and sequenced throughout the week in such a way to help you progress in your practice, wherever you may be starting from.