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Victoria Nhan​

Victoria is an experienced registered yoga and mindfulness teacher, trainer and Reiki practitioner, originally from Toronto, Canada.  After first stepping on the mat 9 years ago, she's discovered that the mat isn't just a place to sweat, its a place to breathe freely, to connect, to balance, and to harmonize the mind, body and spirit.

Whether we're looking to move, flow and discover our bodies or simply learn to breathe deeply with awareness and joy, yoga and mindfulness give us the space and tools to do so. In her classes, she brings mindfulness cues to allow students to cultivate breath awareness and enhance their body-mind connection.

Expect her classes to be grounding, calm, yet dynamic and fun, making it accessible for all levels and body-types.  Classes can include a mix of mindful movement, meditation, chanting, and pranayama or breathing techniques.

Victoria is also available for 1:1 sessions in:




Yin / Yin Yang

Gentle flow

Qi Gong

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