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The Gratitude Vietnam Retreat Venue

Environmental policy

Zero-waste and plastic-free

Sustainability lies at the heart of Gratitude Vietnam.  We work hard to support the local community and the natural environment.  As such, we aim to make the villa eco-friendly in every way – and would appreciate your support during your stay. 

Wherever possible, we source local products to minimise our carbon imprint, and compost waste to reduce our impact on landfill.

We use

  • Non-toxic, natural products for cleaning

  • Locally sourced farm-to-table fruit, vegetables and, where possible, additional food ingredients 

  • Bamboo straws

  • Zero single-use plastic throughout the villa wherever possible

We provide

  • Unlimited drinking water (in bedrooms and communal areas)

  • Refillable drinking bottles (additional cost)

  • Sustainable, natural and zero-waste toiletries

  • Optional daily deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables for self-catering

  • Policies on environmental issues for staff and guests

As we’re currently seeking external certification from Travelife to verify our status as a zero-waste, plastic free, environmentally-friendly company, please read our environmental policy to see how you can support us.  (Coming soon)

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