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The Leap of Faith: Facing the Fear

Dear Friends,

This week so far has included a LOT of rain, giving us the opportunity to sit back and reflect on our reality.  Exactly eleven months ago, on a rainy hammock-day in Thailand, we decided on the name ‘Gratitude Vietnam’ for our retreat and bought the domain name for the website.  Five months ago, we were saying goodbye to the final day of our teaching careers.

A lady in a traditional hat cycles through the rain in Hoi An Old town. The River Thu Bon is in the background.

This leap of faith has been a little like a skydive – months (in fact years!) of preparation, carefully crafting the parachute of planning and saving, with the anticipation and fear of that final step out of the safe, secure aeroplane of stable careers and income.  Now we are on the exhilarating journey through the air, enjoying the day-to-day reality of the ride, the freedom and the details coming into focus as we approach stable ground once more.  The expansive horizon of possibility is becoming increasingly defined as our journey leads us closer to our destination.

A cartoon of two women jumping out of the aeroplane of 'career and stable income' with parachutes of 'planning and saving'.

We have a long list to be achieved, obstacles to cross and undoubtably turbulent winds to navigate, but we operate on our own time-scale, without the daily alarm, and pressure only from ourselves.  We have joined some amazing Facebook groups and ‘virtually’ met many other female entrepreneurs, and other likeminded souls seeking to run international retreats.  In person, we have met with a lovely lady who has set up her own tour agency in Hoi An, with the motto ‘journey to the heart’.

The pieces of the jigsaw are slowly falling into place as we are truly grateful, every day, that we faced our fears, jumped over the precipice and entered the still to be explored land of self-employment.

Local people shelter from the rain in a boat, in Hoi An town.

As we begin to plan for future blogs related to the health aspects of the retreat rather than our own personal journey, we have been researching the health benefits of turmeric, how and when to harvest a coconut, and top tips for enjoying a mindful life.  More to come in the coming weeks and months!  We welcome any suggestions for articles, or questions that you may have about our new life.

Thank you as always for your ‘thermal currents’ of support!

With gratitude and love,

The signature of Naomi and Hannah at the Gratitude Vietnam Retreat Centre Vietnam
“Feel the fear and do it anyway” Susan Jeffers

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