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Hmong Batik – Gratitude Vietnam Bed-runners and Cushions!

Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to share with you the first of our soft furnishings, handmade by the Hmong people of Hoa Binh Province in Northern Vietnam! Thanks to the warm support of Keith and Huong at Villagecraft Planet in Hoi An, we now have stunning bespoke Indigo Batik bed-runners and cushions to compliment the traditional architecture of the villa. The photographs below were taken step-by-step by the artisans as they created the beautiful decor, so that we could share the process with you.

The Process of Making Hmong Indigo Batik

Step 1: ‘Drawing’

The first step in production was to hand stencil the design using local bees wax. This technique, known as ‘resist-dyeing’ allows the artisan to work a design onto fabric, which prevents the dye from later penetrating the fibres where the wax is applied. As each item is hand-drawn, the pattern, ‘Indigo Sky’ is similar, but unique to every piece.

Step 2: Dyeing

Once the design was completed, the fabric was repeatedly ‘washed’ with natural indigo plant (“Tram”) to create the fabulous blue.

Step 3: ‘Drying’

Once dyed, the runners and cushions were hung up to dry, before being sent to Hanoi where they were washed and backed with the pink to match our logo.

Cushion covers for @GratitudeVietnam, in the sun to dry! Photograph by ©Villagecraft Planet

The whole process is explained in further detail below:

Each part of the traditional design has meaning, and we will tell this story in a future blog post. We can’t wait to share photographs of these in the bedrooms of the villa when the website goes live!

With gratitude and love,

The signature of Naomi and Hannah at the Gratitude Vietnam Retreat Venue in SEA

“Ntau txhais tes au hauj-lwm sib; Ntau lub tsvw-yim au tau txoj kev qhib”

“Many hands make light work; Many ideas open the way” Hmong Proverb

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