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Falling in Love with Hoi An Ancient Town: And Here’s Why!

Good evening Friends,

Moving to Hoi An has been THE BEST decision we could have made! After only four full days in this beautiful ancient town, we have fallen head-over-heels in love with what is certain to be our new home. Hoi An old town is a hubbub of activity, markets, cafes and street-food. The range of fresh-fruit and vegetables available is extensive, and the people here are so friendly, helpful and engaging.

A street scene in Hoi An Ancient town of a sheltered fruit market.

Exploring the main streets, we have found stunning ancient architecture, with wooden beams, latticed shutters and the omnipresent yellow paint that glows with warmth as the sun sets. Lanterns are hung from every available street lamp, electrical pylon and balcony, making the evenings as beautiful as the days. Even the local ‘baber,s’ operates out of a semi-covered, traditionally furnished little shop front overlooking the street.

A photograph of the mirror of a traditional barbers in Hoi An. The sign is hand painted and Barbers misspelled B a b e r ' s

During the day tourists teem through these streets, but step into one of the tiny, meandering, hidden alleyways, and undiscovered havens of peaceful tranquility await – perfect sanctuaries for sitting with the laptop to work the afternoon away as we engage our first accountant and a local business consultant to help us with the ins-and-outs of navigating Vietnamese business.

A photograph of a tiny lane set between two traditional houses in the UNESCO world heritage site, Hoi An Old Town. The buildings are painted the traditional mustard yellow and flowers hang from the balcony.

with love and gratitude from Vietnam,

The signature of Naomi and Hannah, hosts of the Gratitude Vietnam Yoga Retreat Venue in Vietnam
“Home is where you hear love within the stillness.” Raquel Franco

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