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Enjoying All Weathers During An Anxious Wait

Evening Friends,

We have had a nail-biting weekend of uncertainty, with modicum of resignation and acceptance thrown into the mix…  We received information on Friday that in order to operate as foreign investors in the Hoi An district (Quan Nam Province), we would need to open a hotel, with a minimum of 700m2 in land!  With the size of property (and budget!) required being too big for our needs, having to meet this criteria would have put Hoi An out of the equation.

Today has brought with it a sigh of relief, as we received verification from two, independent sources, that we are indeed able to open a ‘tourist villa’.  With a beautiful property for our Retreat Centre in negotiation as we speak (that we are desperate to share with you!), we are breathing freely again, safe in the knowledge that we do not need to relocate!

A couple dangling from a parachute as they ascend above the blue ocean next to An Bang beach.

On Sunday we had a day’s respite from the rain, and took our bikes out half an hour to the beautiful An Bang Beach, exploring paths through the paddy-fields along the way.  A stone’s throw from Hoi An Ancient City, we witnessed self-sustainability in action as local people continue to work the fields and fish in the rivers, continuing traditions that stretch back generations.

A glimpse into local life! A Vietnamese man is ankle deep in the water of a rice paddy field.  He is fishing using traditional methods.

With another couple of rainy days so far this week, we have not wasted any time!  Naomi has been planning the three-day programme and writing the accompanying booklet for the Reiki 1 retreat.  Hannah has been formulating a detailed list of ‘items to be sourced’ for the villa, with everything ranging from bamboo toothbrushes, to bedding, stands for buffet meals and even pencil sharpeners!  We have also researched locally based NGO’s to shortlist those to be approached once we have secured accommodation.  It has always been our intention to support the local community in some way through the business, and are delighted to have found some that may be a good fit.

A stunning view over rice paddy fields near Hoi An.  Rectangular lakes of water reflect the gentle evening sunlight.

Having written the first draft of content for the front page of the website, we have also been connecting with potential retreat hosts to find out specific requirements for different modalities (Hi, Jocelyn, and THANK YOU!).  From feedback so far, we are thrilled that with our plans as they stand, we will be perfectly set up to host Tai Chi, Yoga, TRE® , Reiki, and many creatively-focused retreats.

Our thoughts are with our previous teaching colleagues around the world who are on the last few weeks of term – hang on in there, you’ve nearly made it!

With gratitude and love,

The signature of Naomi and Hannah at the Gratitude Vietnam Yoga Retreat Center in Hoi An Vietnam
“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” Bob Marley

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