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Janet Zoya

Shamanic Energy Healing - Intuitive Readings - Meditation Journeys

About Janet


Janet Zoya is a highly intuitive practitioner of energy medicine, specializing in shamanic energy healing.  She also offers intuitive readings (through your Akashic Records), Reiki healing, as well as yoga instruction and meditation-journeying classes.  Janet was born with her healing gifts, and has been using them since she was a small child.  As a young adult, she was invited to and received formal shamanic training and initiation in the lineage of the Q’echua healing tradition of Peru to refine and hone her healing tools.


Shamanism is her main practice.  Janet is also able to offer intuitive readings by accessing your Akashic records with deep, healing results.  In addition, Janet also offers Hatha-Vinyasa yoga classes that include guided meditation and shamanic journeying. 


Shamanic Healing: 


Using wisdom and skill cultivated over thousands of years by the shamans of the Andes and the Toltecs, Janet facilitates the deep clearing and healing at an energetic level, helping to clear out the karmic debris accumulated over lifetimes in a person’s energy body and physical body. In addition to deep cleaning and healing, Janet is able to help heal ancestral lineage wounds and contracts (passed down energetically from one generation to the next), and shift and rewrite old soul agreements that no longer serve the person. 


A single session is about 2 to 3 hours. Sessions are always conducted in Sacred Space (a highly protected, high-vibrational space) in unconditional love and non-judgment, creating a safe, powerful morphic space for the deep work. During the session, the client reclines and relaxes, while Janet enters a deep trance and facilitates the healing work at a deep energy level. Because the work is at the soul level, it can at times feel deceptively subtle, but it is a powerful and holistically transformative process, and can frequently result in physical manifestations (in life circumstance and the physical body) as the energy healing integrates. It is profound healing work. Most clients find they benefit from having a shamanic session about every 1 to 2 months, to steadily continue peeling away layers of the onion in their healing/awakening process.


Akashic Records Readings:


Janet uses a high-vibrational prayer to access the heart of a person’s soul records in the Akasha. An intuitive Akashic reading with Janet is held in unconditional love and provides information that serves the highest growth and development of the client. It helps people to access the wisdom and perspective of their own soul, and see their lives from a higher perspective. The Akashic Records first and foremost transmit high-vibrational healing and love, with the information revealed in whatever way best serves the person’s highest good and growth at that time. Janet incorporates shamanic healing with the reading, as well. 

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