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Family Fun - Mindful Play


Sunday 11th August



Welcome to our first family focused, parent and child mini-mindful workshop - the perfect way to end the summer holidays!  Mindfulness does not have to be serious, in fact, quite the opposite - it can be messy, fun, creative and engaging.

Join us for a fun-packed morning of short, child-friendly workshops designed to deepen parent and child interaction in a peaceful, relaxing and informal environment.









Enjoy a taster day at introductory prices:


Workshop only

Parent and child - 350,000 Dong,

+100,000 for each extra child


Workshop, lunch and swim*

Parent and child - 450,000 

+150,000 for each extra child


*Please note that the shallow end of the pool is 1.4m - feel free to bring floats, armbands and inflatable pool toys!  (Towels included!)

Registration form below!

Make a day of it?


Join us for a relaxing lunch, pool and garden afternoon, or contact us for staycation prices to include dinner and a relaxing overnight stay.

Parent and Child Yoga



Enjoy a 45 minute interactive parent and child partnered yoga session.

Sensory Fun



Bring mindful awareness to taste, touch, hearing, sight and smell through a series of short parent and child games to tune into the body.

Mindful Colour



Explore emotions through a gentle, guided and explorative 'colour your feelings' activity.

Music, Movement and Meditation



Have fun with music, movement and singing!  End the morning with a short, grounding meditation.

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