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Time is TBD


Gratitude Vietnam

Tuning into the feeling self

“Connecting, feeling and removing obstacles - becoming unstuck”

Tuning into the feeling self

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Gratitude Vietnam, Lane 486, Nguyen Tri Phuong, Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam

About the Event

Often life is so busy, chaotic and full that it requires constant ‘doing’ without the time to stop, tune-in to how we feel and ‘be’. In the everyday it is easy to push away emotions - to just keep going, function for others, maintain a role or shut-down and disconnect from our feeling self. 

This workshop offers the support and time to gently begin to tune back into yourself and reconnect with how you feel, not think. With a guided body scan meditation, notice felt sensation in the body, allowing any thoughts and feelings to just be as they arise. With guided activities, reflect on the emotions that were present and tune in more deeply using the breath and present moment awareness to facilitate connection, movement and release.  

Emotion is energy in motion - mindful noticing, allowing, acknowledgement and movement releases stuckness, but also opens up space to notice the moments of joy, gratitude and love that are pushed away with the more difficult emotions as they arise. Gain tools to bring feeling awareness into your everyday.

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