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Gratitude Vietnam

The Past as a Teacher

“Gratitude, relationships, self-love and compassion”

The Past as a Teacher

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Gratitude Vietnam, Lane No, 486 Nguyễn Tri Phương, Street, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

About the Event

Actively reflect on and examine a pivotal ‘learning’ moment in your life. What did this teach you about yourself? How have you grown as a result? What do you need NOW to accept this as a part of your journey - forgiveness, love, self-compassion?  How is it holding you back and what needs to happen in this moment to heal, gain perspective and release remaining ‘stuckness’?

Whether a relationship, financial situation, unavoidable circumstance, unexpected event or trauma, discover tools that can be applied to a variety of ‘life lessons’ to process, heal and release. Offer gratitude to yourself and others for the opportunity of self-discovery.  

Honour your resilience, courage and capacity. Acknowledge your inner-strength. Mindfully bring into your awareness the ways in which this experience has shaped you, and make conscious choices about how you wish this to shape your life moving forwards.

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