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Time is TBD


Gratitude Vietnam

Connecting with your Inner Child

“Becoming your own best friend and healing childhood wounds”

Connecting with your Inner Child

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Gratitude Vietnam, Lane 486, Nguyen Tri Phuong, Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam

About the Event

N.B. This workshop is running from 2pm-4pm! Drinks and delicious homemade snacks available from 4pm!

We all grow up in a world of societal and parental conditioning, a world of expectations, unexpected events and difficult circumstances.  As children we learn to adapt and respond to different situations to survive, stay safe and protect from hurt.  These patterns of behaviours and ways of expressing or suppressing emotions become habitual as we grow and move into adulthood.  Approximately 80% of our adult interactions with others are unconsciously rooted in this learned behaviour (i.e. implicit memory) - essentially, your 'younger you' is driving your adult interactions 8 times out of 10!

Human beings are fabulous at learning, and just as we acquire the ability to walk, talk and ride a bike without needing to consciously think about it, so too, we learn how to 'be' a certain way in the world from childhood expectations, parental and societal conditioning and experiences. 

Explore activities to help you understand your implicit behaviours, responses and ways of being. Connect with your inner child and open up a conversation. Offer yourself the unconditional love, compassion and acceptance you needed at the time. Heal from within and move into your power with the younger you hand-in-hand, not driving the car!

Entry: 400,000 VND (2 hour workshop)

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