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Bespoke Retreats

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Looking for an alternative way to celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoy a tailored retreat package with friends?  We can create a package designed specifically for you to provide an unforgettable experience , deep connection and lasting special memories.

Inner Child Retreat: nurture, nourish, love, compassion and joy


10-18 April 2020

3-11 April 2021


(8 nights) from $1175

This retreat is a compassionate and nurturing journey of inner exploration. Through carefully designed workshops, meditations and daily yoga, you’ll have the space to discover self-care, self-love, compassion and joy. 

Chakra Retreat – awareness, awakening and balance

19-26 September 2020


(7 nights) from $1199


This retreat will take you on a personal heart-centred journey of transformation. With focused workshops, meditations, daily yoga and food for each of the chakras, you’ll have the space, time and support to expand your self-awareness, evaluate blockages, and rejuvenate your being.