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nero I used serial number #201000003 I did this all automatically, i have serial number 210 000 000 7 048.I don't want to have them on my computer. This procedure does not work. It won't recognize the dvd.. I keep getting an unknown error or the program refuses to open. I just know how to play movies on my computer so this should not be a problem. Can someone help me??Republican leaders in Congress are taking the first step toward providing significant funding for President Trump’s much-needed wall on the US-Mexico border. The House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday sent to the House floor a bill with $1.6 billion allocated for the wall and other key border enforcement measures. The funding is not as much as Trump had sought and Republicans fear he will strike a deal with Democrats in the coming weeks to provide $5 billion. But it’s a critical first step toward beginning the debate. “I am supportive of the wall and the majority of the funding for the wall is in here,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said. “We’re just really now at the initial stages of discussion on how to do this. I think we’ll make progress very quickly.” McCarthy acknowledged that he wasn’t sure whether Trump would sign the bill, but the GOP leaders were hoping he would. “I think there’s an indication from the administration that we’ll get a sign of approval,” he said. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said it was too early to say whether Trump would sign the bill. "This is not the final budget that will be delivered to the president for his review,” Sanders told reporters Wednesday. “There are some bills that have been introduced by the House Democrats and the president is going to review those, and obviously he’s going to take a look at this particular legislation as well," she said. "So it’s premature for us to make any kind of statement on that." "We will see," she added. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell praised the committee’s “great bipartisan spirit.” “It’s good to have the beginning of a process started,” he said. McConnell’s office said that they didn’




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Nero 7 Lite Crack Serial nathper

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